Sustainability FAQs


Where does your Sheepskin come from?

We only ever use natural fibres such as sheepskin and wool as we think they are the only sustainable fashion choice. The sheepskin we use is always a by-product of the farming industry so we are using a resource that would otherwise need to be disposed of. If sheepskins aren’t used they need to be incinerated at very high temperatures as they are non-flammable. By using sheepskin we are helping farmers to make a profit from this otherwise wasted part of the animal.

Where does your Wool come from?

We use wool from either British or Italian yarn specialists, always sourcing as close to home as possible. Each supplier we partner with are renowned for quality and have a long standing reputation. All suppliers have the very latest certifications and environmental accreditations. Some of our suppliers have been in the wool industry since the early 1600’s and the businesses have run in the family ever since.

What about your international supply chain?

We have a very close relationship with all our suppliers and often Nick and Kath will go and visit the factories in person. When we select a supplier we look for certifications such as Oeko Tex 100, GOTS, Detox, the Cotton for Life Initiative and the Traceability and Fashion Creditability. Where possible we make sure our suppliers go above and beyond, using the most up to date sustainable technologies and practices.

Do you use recycled materials?

Every season we look for ways to increase the use of recycled materials in our product ranges. Most recently we have started to use a recycled Cashmere produced from old, discarded cashmere clothing and surplus fibres leftover from the manufacture of virgin cashmere. Our garment labelling is changing to recycled cotton with a soya print and our swing tags have changed to fully compostable materials. However, the biggest form of recycling we support is by designing and producing product that’s built to last, to be handed down from generation to generation.

How do we support British manufacturing?

75% of what we produce comes from the UK. Wherever we can we source our materials from UK based businesses. We use British based designers to help create our stunning collections and more recently we are working with the last remaining traditional manufacturer of Kilts in Scotland. We also have a factory in Newquay, Cornwall that produces all our Sheepskin Boots & Slippers.

Do you support the slow fashion movement?

We consider ourselves the pioneers of slow fashion. The slow fashion movement gives us the opportunity to reject the principles of fast fashion and advocate a more thoughtful and sustainable approach to clothing that includes using sustainable materials, bringing out fewer lines and making garments that last. More information can be found here:

How do offset your carbon footprint?

As a business we are conscious of our impact on the environment. Every single person at Celtic & Co. is passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of the business. We’ve started making changes at the roots of the business and changing our day to day behaviours. We consider sustainable solutions all the way through the production process. Team leaders meet monthly to look at ways to improve overall sustainability and set goals for each member of staff. We also have some exciting projects in the pipeline including using solar energy and planting trees here in Cornwall to offset our carbon foot print. Have a look at our sustainability page which lists in detail the work we have been doing.

Do you offer a repair service?

Yes, if your much-loved sheepskin Boots or Slippers are looking a bit shabby after years of constant use, we offer a full repair and resole service. Details can be found here

Can I recycle my old garments with you?

Wool is one of the most sought after recycled textiles for converting into new long-lasting products, such as garments, mattresses and upholstery. Our garments are designed to last but when you feel they have come to the end of their life you can bring them into our shop and we’ll recycle them responsibly and give you a £5 voucher for doing so. If you can’t get to our shop you can use the reGAIN app that rewards you for recycling your unwanted clothes:

Are you a responsible employer?

People matter and we take pride in having an equal, inclusive and safe environment that makes people feel valued and respected. We are an equal rights employer that promotes a family-friendly working environment for everyone. We support the NHS give blood scheme and offer time off to donate blood. We have a team of people who meet regularly from each department to make sure the working environment is a comfortable and a safe environment for everyone. We are very lucky to be based in beautiful Cornwall and the beach is only 5 minutes away so we all have a healthy work-life balance.

Which charities do you support?

We support several charities close to our hearts including Surfers Against Sewage and the Campaign for Wool. During the last few years we have donated to the British Heart Foundation, RNLI, I Sight Cornwall, JDRF, One Wave, Meningitis Now and the Bold is Beautiful campaign. These are just some of the charities that we are proud to support.

How do you support the local community?

We are proud to support local initiatives around Newquay, Cornwall supporting the local community. We have raised money towards a brand new defibrillator in the industrial park we call home. We continue to support the Royal Trinity Hospice, helping to raise funds for their incredible care service. This year we have contributed to the Cornwall Search & Rescue Team and Penhaligon's Friends.