When it comes to caring for your shearling coats and jackets, we understand why you may feel a tad tentative! That is why we have pulled together a combination of our top-tips to keep your outerwear in year-round peak condition.


When you purchase our garments, they have already been pre-treated to resist stains and marks before they arrive on your doorstep. However it's important that your coat continues to receive the care and maintenance that will keep it performing for longer.

You can repeat the procedure at home by applying protection spray designed to invisibly shield leather, suede, nubuck, and fabric against liquids and stains. Please ensure that you follow the instructions carefully and that you are holding the product at the required distance from your garment. We recommend carrying out a patch-test on a discreet area before attempting to clean your shearling coats and jackets.


Reviewing how your garment is stored can be the most simple and effective way to care for your shearling coats and jackets.

Consider where your coats and jackets live when they're not shielding you from the cold:

  • Is this area well ventilated?
  • Can your garment hang fully to avoid creases?
  • Have you given it a chance to air/dry out from its most recent exposure?

These are all processes that your shearling coat will benefit from.

At Celtic & Co., every shearling coat arrives in a protective garment cover. These aren't solely designed with presentation in mind; the cover can be used to store your coat when its not in use, not to mention they are crucial for transporting your outerwear! This cover will protect your garments from the everyday dust and mites we may encounter in our homes, offering your shearling coats and jackets a better lifespan.


Whilst all of our shearling outerwear garments are specialist dry clean only, if it becomes marked you can easily sponge and brush the mark away yourself. 
For a complete clean however, we recommend you send it to a dry cleaner that specialises in working with shearling. Here at Celtic & Co. there is one particular specialist in the industry that stands out above the rest...


Boasting over 30years of experience in dry cleaning a wide range of specialist items, Ace of Suedes also offer services in alterations and repairs of suede, leather and furs. 
Based in London, this experienced team have perfected their processes in accordance with the British standard – BS 7269-1:1991.

' Each item is meticulously inspected upon arrival. This booking in process involves taking a detailed description of each item, along with full HD photos highlighting the condition of each item prior to cleaning and treatment. Any delicate zips, buttons, buckles etc are protected (or even removed and reattached where necessary) prior to treatment to reduce the risk of damage.

If our experienced staff identify any obvious risks involved with the treatment of an item, we make contact with our customers to make sure they understand the risks, and more importantly – have explained the risks to their customers.

From treatment before cleaning, to re-oiling during cleaning and finally brushing and finishing after cleaning – our skilled and experienced staff, together with the most delicate and suitable processes available, produce outstanding results time after time.'

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020 8981 3232/0208 884 2913

In following this simple guidance we hope that you feel more confident about tending to your shearling layers. Investment garments such as these respond well to enhanced care and attention, resulting in a shearling coat or jacket that will continue to thrive for years to come.