Which Waxed Cotton?

The story of waxed cotton begins on the high seas. Sailors in the 15th Century were at the mercy of the rain, wind and waves and often their craft offered little protection from the elements. Survival was dependant on good clothing. If a man was soaked on deck, the icy waters could render his limbs heavy and slow his return journey to the shore. British Sailors treated their flax canvas sailcloth with linseed oil, which prevented the sailcloth from becoming soaked, keeping it light and efficient in the strong winds. Left over pieces of oiled sailcloth were often crafted into crude smocks and worn by the men on deck to protect them from the harsh biting winds and sprays.

waxed cotton


"Classic British style with superb insulating properties"

Waxed cotton provides a classic British style. We work with UK based weavers who have decades of experience, finely tuning traditional waxing techniques for modern day life. All materials can be fully traced from source. 

The process of waxing the material delivers a lightweight barrier with unbeatable strength and resistance. Its warmth makes it the perfect go-to even if the skies are blue on those transitional autumnal days. To get the most out of your investment, be sure to hang this piece up to dry slowly rather than storing it damp. 

hybird waxed.jpg


"A unique lightweight alternative to a traditional wax fabric"

Long since the advent of the first waxed cotton, demand for this classic outerwear fabric has continued to grow. The unique aesthetic appeal and weatherproof properties of waxed cotton have assured its place as a regular feature in the outerwear collection of the industry’s leading brands. We work with a wax specialist based in Scotland with over 150 years experience. Hybrid aero wax combines a dry wax with a tumbling process, creating a fabric that'll stand up to the elements while feeling supple and soft to the touch. With its lightly aged appearance and durable reliability, this innovatively developed fabric is fast becoming a go-to for city commutes and coastal walks. This is a hand washable wax cotton.

stay wax.jpg


"Machine washable, a super easy care wax cotton"

We use the original manufacturer of waxed cotton outerwear to create this modern stay wax cotton jacket. Based in the heart of the UK, their range of textiles has been developed through more than a century of innovation, using skills handed down through six generations. Stay wax cotton is an super easy care waxed cotton, machine washable and with no need to re-proof or spray after each wash. The material remains classically stylish throughout whilst the material innovation brings this jacket into the 21st century.