Laxtons Yarn

Laxtons is a British wool manufacturer with more than 100 years of heritage. The British wool we use is created using only natural fibres and crafted from their state-of-the-art-factory, generating premium yarns that have been chosen by many renowned British brands.


Over 100 years of heritage

Founded in 1907, Laxtons is a fourth-generation wool spinners that specialise in undyed yarns, natural felting yarns, machine knit yarns and weaving yarns all made in Great Britain.

Their cutting-edge facility is located in the north of England, generating all-natural British wool that gives our pieces that super-soft touch you love so much.


Fully-traceable 100% British Wool

We only work with expert wool suppliers and are always excited when we find someone new to work with based in Britain.

In the North of England, Laxtons select high grade British fleeces and put them through carefully controlled spinning and finishing processes, making their yarn a premium product. 

They have recently launched a brand new, machine knitted yarn, 'Sheepsoft', produced from 100% British Wool. This wool is certified with the British Wool Marketing Board’s Platinum crook mark, which confirms that 100% of the fibre is fully-traceable British wool.


Our Laxtons Wool Range

Our Laxtons wool range has been created using their new Sheepsoft yarn. The yarn is expertly crafted by selecting specific wool breeds which help create a superior feel to the knit. The lightweight nature of the fibres makes it the perfect yarn for relaxed luxury.

Crafted in beautiful hues with a relaxed fit, these pieces are so comfortable you won't want to take them off.