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Our sumptuous Geelong is crafted in Italy by a family firm with over 350 years experience creating the finest yarns. Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about this luxurious material.

Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our Italian wool mill and see the steps taken to turn a raw material into the yarn that goes into our gorgeous Geelong jumpers. Originally sourced from Merino sheep in Geelong, Australia, only a tiny percentage of Merino is fine enough to be classified as Geelong.

geelong-lanecardate 6 square.jpg

Choosing Our Suppliers

We hold our suppliers to the same standards we hold ourselves. Lanecardate chooses to use only high quality natural fibers, rigorously selected directly from farms and farms in accordance with the standards of fineness, length and sustainability expected of the finest materials. Every wool bale is meticulously checked one by one by expert eyes and hands: only the best raw materials are allowed to enter the manufacturing process.

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Discover the benefits

One of the most sought-after lambswools in the world, Geelong boasts a fine softness and warmth that rivals cashmere for its sheer luxury. This 100% natural fibre is breathable and lightweight and is carefully carded as it's spun to ensure it traps air and creates that inimitable featherlight cosiness. Originally a sought-after yarn of the 40s and 50s, Geelong is seeing a modern revival thanks to its lightweight insulation and silky touch.

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Long Lasting Quality

Buy a Geelong piece and you'll love it for many seasons to come. With a softness and warmth that equals cashmere's pure luxury, this ultra-fine, non-allergenic wool is considered by many to be the softest lambswool on the planet. Originally a sought-after yarn of the 40s and 50s, Geelong is seeing a modern revival thanks to its lightweight insulation and silky touch.

Our Geelong Range

Geelong has formed a core part of our range since we first started using it over 15 years ago. It's the perfect yarn for our everyday smart-casual classics, with a natural stretch that allows us to spin it into flattering knits that hold their shape beautifully. Our current range has been refined over the years to bring you the finest jumpers and dresses with a lightweight warmth that will see you through the seasons. 

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