Recycled Cashmere

When you love cashmere as much as we do, the idea of regenerating it to reduce the impact on our planet is music to our ears.

Crafted in Italy, the recycled cashmere that we use is created from loveworn pieces that have been brought back to life by expert hands.


The Eco-Cashmere Project

Our specialist supplier lovingly restores used cashmere yarns back to their original glory, reshaping them into stylish new pieces with all the sumptuous softness of cashmere. The project promotes recycling in order to reduce the fashion industry's impact on the environment and to protect our natural resources.

Old cashmere knitwear is collected from all around the world and brought to Italy, where specialists re-generate the cashmere fibres. The supplier creates a metamorphosis of cashmere, recreating from an old jumper a new yarn, with its softness and colours and then knits it into a brand new piece. The final result is a regenerated style with low environmental impact. By recycling and reusing we are able to reduce the amount of virgin resources required to create new garments.

Our Eco Luxe Range

Be planet friendly without having to give up life's luxuries: our ecoluxe cashmere is a game-changer when it comes to reusing fabric that would otherwise go to landfill. 

All in a beautifully soft material, our eco-luxe cashmere jumper offers superb shape retention, unbeatable breathability and a flatteringly neat fit with a beautiful drape. Accessorise with our stylish beanie and add our ecoluxe wristwarmers for a little extra warmth when the cold really hits. 

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