Ladies Sheepskin Boots

The first Celt Boot was made in the 1970s. Ever since then, we’ve been hand-making our Sheepskin Boots in our factory in Newquay, Cornwall – championing local skills and ensuring impeccable standards are maintained. Designed for men, women and children, we make every pair of sheepskin boots to last and offer a re-sole and repair service to give well-worn Celt boots a new lease of life. The sheepskins we use for our footwear are sourced in England, and where possible in the west country. These premium skins are a by-product of the food industry, so by choosing this fabric we ensure nothing goes to waste. There are many different finishes a sheepskin can have, and only the toughest are used for our boots. The full collection features boots that have a suede, nappa, aqualamb and tornado finish, which affects the look of suede and also the density and finish of the fleece.

Our collection of Ladies Sheepskin Boots includes the original Celt Boot, which is suitable for men and women, and for ladies there is a great spectrum of colours so you’ll always be able to find the right shade for you. The boot is styled with a black sole and a raw cut finish to the leg, and it is these features that set the boot apart from our Classic Boots. The Classic Boot instead has a colour-corresponding sole to compliment the colour of the boot, plus coordinating leather binding at the top of the boot. The Classic and Celt boots are available in different heights, and so allows the wearer to decide on the main use for the boot –taller to tuck jeans into or shorter to allow for thicker trousers or wider legs (we aren’t all model size after all!). Although the Classic Boot is currently our best selling Ladies sheepskin boot, we have many styles that other customers prefer, many of whom like to add a little identity to their footwear, and very often opt to have a pretty bow or poppers to make their footwear stand out a little!